You can now Retrieve your 2go Password for FREE!!!

2go Messenger is a social networking mobile application that allows users to have instant chat with each other and Posts status.
2go has many Exciting and Amazing Features that makes its Users to enjoy it. Its features include GoCredits, 2go Styles, 2go Chatrooms , Ability to Link your facebook, Gtalk, Mxit account together with 2go so that you can access your online friends there AND LOTZ MORE THAT WE CAN’t explain here.

But today am going to talk about how you can Retrieve your 2go Password for Free!!! Yes for free and absolutely Free!
I noticed that some Users when they registered on 2go, meet a lot of friends and their 2go has reached a Far Star Level.
Then just because they forgot their 2go Password and didn’t know how to Retrieve it OR they dont have the Credits (because Normally 2go asks for Credit if you wants to retrieve Password), they abandon their accounts that people had known with them and they open new account thus losing their 2go Star Level and their Friends. but i will list easy steps below to Retrieve your Password for Free!! Just stay attentive.

  1. Goto . Then it will show you a box where there are countries listed inside the box.
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  3. Open the box and choose Kenya as your country.then click on ok. 
  4. DON’T click on Download, but instead Goto “Get Help”.
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  6. Now Scroll down and click on i Forgot my password
  7. It will display a box to type your number (i.e the number you used to register) type it in format like23470xxxxxxxx means 234 is Nigeria.
    It would now send your password to ur Number

21 thoughts on “You can now Retrieve your 2go Password for FREE!!!

    1. No choice than to open a new account or you should retrieve that Line?? But am still doing research maybe one can change number…izz just that i dont think its possible

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