You can now PicMix on Java Devices & Non-supported Mobile

PicMix is an application used in designing pictures, mixing two,three or more pics together, adding text to a pic and Lots More. Despite its numerous pics functionality, the application works only on blackberry, Android, and higher OS But doesn‘t work on Java devices and lesser OS.

Java Users first endure it but then later felt jealous especially when their friends upload a picture PicMixed. This goes on. on.. and on… until one Javanian decides to find something to do about it. He then made Research on Google and he found it! Yes he found it!!
Create and Edit Images Online Without Software

Pictures can now be picmixed in the same way BlackBerry,Android Users designed their own with the new Method discovered. But the method is an online one i.e you must be connected to the Internet. Java Users and Lesser OS can picMix by Visiting an online website called En.Pixiz.Com. All you have todo is to select the designs you want from the numeorus designs on the website.

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