The 5 Stages Involved Before Writing A Blog Post On NetSocialBlog



I hope you’re doing good over there? 😉 As for me, I’ve recently been busy here and there working on random important things like my first podcast as mentioned in this post and also currently designing a blog for a client. However i’ve made a decision that whenever i am to compose a post here on NSB, it will have to be something a little bit personal related to my blogging life.

After thinking to and fro, i later thought of sharing a post on Behind My Blogging Scenes or aren’t you guys curious to see the process involved before a post goes LIVE on NetSocialBlog? hahaha:)

Before i start off, Let me remind you guys first that as at the time of publishing this post, am currently a MOBI-Blogger [ click here to find out what that means ] and due to the nature of my device, i had to undergo a kind of little bit complicated process which am going to mention below, before a single post could be published on this blog. To make things easier and not cluttered, i had arranged those Steps taken into Stages. Check them out below!

Writing A BlogPost On NetSocialBlog,The Stages Involved!

  1. Stage 1 (Coming Up With Post Ideas) – This is the stage where i had to come up with a Post Idea and writes it down to avoid forgetting it. If my blogging book is nearby, i would simply jots the idea down there and if its not, then my mobile phone’s Note Application would be the alternative.

    Once i’ve compiled the idea, then procession to Stage 2.

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  3. Stage 2 (Composing the Post) – After i’ve jotted down post ideas like i mentioned in Stage 1 which is usually in few lines, then follows Stage 2. This Stage is the part where i had to restructure the Post ideas and turn them into a detailed 90% error-free article.

    Additionally, i also had to input the codes for element like ‘Line breaks, Paragraph, Links, Bold, e.t.c’ on the appropriate place since am a Mobi-Blogger| Had it been i was composing on a PC, all it would require is just ONE-CLICK for whatever elements i’d like to use.

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  5. Stage 3 (Searching for the Right Image To Use) – When i first started this blog before NSB 3rd anniversary, being a newbie without any guidance, i use to take my pictures from Google Images. It was after i discovered that it wasn’t a good act and that one could get penalised that i now go for a safer way which is using Free Stock Photos or designing Images by myself.
  6. Stage 4 (Converting the Image into HTML Codes) – In order to be able to use an image in most of my blog posts, i usually had to first convert the Image/s into strings of HTML Codes because my current device won’t support uploading an image directly to posts. Once i’ve gotten the HTML code for Images, then i’d insert it into the post mentioned in Stage 2
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  8. Stage 5 { Copying into Blogger Post Editor and Proofreading } – This is the last stage where i finally copy the posts that i had composed FROM my Mobile’s Notepad, TO Blogger Post-Editor for further screening. It was also this stage that Proof-reading is also being done and Once everything had been sets, then the ‘Publish button‘ is pressed and booom! A new post comes up!

There you have it! The 5 stages majority of the post on this blog passed through before they could make it here alive:)

Ain’t an easy stuff, isn’t it?

I would like to boots hear from you too as to which one of these stages relates to you?
Or if there is an additional stage to yours before you publish a post,?
Let me know via the comment box!

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