Top 10 WordPress Plugins List For Blogs On First Installation

Whether you just launch a fresh WordPress installation for your blog site or you’re planning to; in this article are the top WordPress plugins list to install first on your WP site.

Since WordPress is known to have a large collection of plugins to extend your website – over 58,000 plugins, it can be a little bit hard to select which one is best for your site. Without further ado, let’s dive into the main topic and find out the Top WordPress Plugins to use for your site.

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WordPress Plugins List for Site Stats and Security

1. Jetpack – Jetpack is a plugin powered by WordPress which allows you to add blazing and amazing powerful features to your WordPress site. Some of the features that came with Jetpack installed on your site are;

Site stats; Enable you to monitor your site’s traffic in real-time. This also shows the search terms that visitors are using to enter your site

Downtime monitoring; you can also enable this feature to monitor your website uptime and how well it’s going. Whenever your site goes down, you’d be able to receive a notification

Sharing; Jetpack also comes with default sharing buttons thus making you able to share your post instantly with users.

2. Akismet – If you are planning to run a blog, then you will agree with me that there will be good visitors as well as bad ones. Some of the bad visitors are those that will leave spam comments on your sites.

These spam comments can hurt your site’s reputation as well as rankings. However with Akismet, you can rest assured your site is protected.

3. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights Want to see how well your site is performing as well as the number of visitors visiting the site? Then this plugin is the right man for the job.

Apart from that; you can also easily monitor which country your visitors are coming from 🙂

WordPress Plugins List for Social Media and Publicizing

4. Addthis Sharing Buttons – Want to add colorful sharing buttons to your blog posts, images, and anywhere on your site? Then you can use Addthis sharing buttons plugin.

The plugin allows you to easily add sharing button to the sidebar of your site, blog post footer and anywhere else.

5. Blog2Social : Social Media Auto Post & SchedulerThis plugin make it easier for you to automatically create social media posts for your content and auto-posts at the best times for each of your social media network. This Saves you the time and pain of manually sharing and promoting your site on social media.

6. Newsletter – The Newsletter plugin is a plugin that allows you to send an email newsletter to visitors that subscribe to your site. This will enable you to easily communicate with your site visitors to get in touch with you or perhaps visit the older posts on your blog.

WordPress Plugins List for SEO

7. Yoast SEO – In order to get high traffic; search engine optimization techniques are very important. The Yoast SEO plugin helps to anazlyze your site for SEO opportunities as well as give you insights on which aspects to work on.

This is great for boosting your site visibility, especially on search engines.

8. RankMath SEO Plugin – If you’re looking for an All-in-One SEO plugin that saves time and cost, you should go for the Rank Math SEO plugin. The lightweight plugin has multiple SEO functionalities which makes it easier to grow and monitor your SEO presence – without slowing your website down.

Some of the features you’ll find are Google Analytics, Schema Structured Data, AMP Support, Redirections, and more cool functionalities.

WordPress Plugins List for Misc.

9. GPDR Cookie Consent – If you live in a country such as Europe where cookies are a really big thing, then you need to take the GPDR Cookie Consent seriously. However, you need not worry about how to set up cookies notice on your site, you can simply install the GPDR Cookie Consent plugin and you’ll be good to go in a few clicks.

10. Contact Forms If you do not want to share your email on your public website, you can make use of the Contact Form plugin to make it easier for your blog visitors to contact you.

WordPress Plugins for Design (BONUS)

11. Astra Starter Templates – With over 200+ Amazing Ready to Import Templates, Astra Starter Templates makes it easier and more fun to build your next favorite stunning website without breaking your bank, or a sweat😉

Now over to you, what functionality are you looking forward to add to your blog and you didn’t find the option here? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll update the list or answer directly to your comments

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