Best WordPress Plugin For Ads, Banners, Widgets

WordPress Plugin For Ads are extensions that allows you to add advertisements to your site. On the WordPress plugin repository, you can find several wordpress plugin for ads management.

On this article, you’ll get to discover the best wordpress plugin to add ads on your website that which we recommend you use.

wordpress plugin for ads


Best WordPress Plugin For Ads, Banners


#1. Insert Post Ads Plugin

Insert Post Ads is one of my best WordPress plugin for adsense due to it’s simplicity and fast performance. With this plugin, you can easily place ads inside any part of your post body.

In a matter of minutes; you can easily add ads at the beginning of your post body, in the middle of post body or at the end of post content.

Additionally; you can choose to decide how many paragraphs inside your post you’d like to skip before showing an ads.

Insert Post Ads Pros

  1. Much more easier to Configure
  2. Fast Performance and Lightweight plugin
  3. Ads are shown immediately

Insert Post Ads Cons

  • Ads can only be applied inside the post content – The Insert Post Ads is mainly designed to add ads inside the post body. That is; you can’t use it to add advertisement at the header section of your site, footer or sidebar.

I guess the developer develop the plugin majorly for Authors, Bloggers and Webmasters to use ads inside their post body only.

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#2. Ad Inserter – Adsense Plugin, WP Ads, Header Code Plugin

Ad Inserter is a multi-purpose plugin for ads management – lets simply refer it to wordpress advanced ads manager. This is simply because the plugin has the ability to do various tasks at a time.

With Ad Inserter plugin; you can easily add ads code to anywhere – from Sidebar, Header, Inside Post Body, and Footer. This plugin also works well with other Advertising partner like Google Adsense, Amazon, Native ads

Additionally; if you’d like to serve rotating ads on your site, the plugin can also help you with that


WordPress Ad Inserter Pros

  1. Advanced advertising features for your ads
  2. Ability to serve rotating ads on your site
  3. Insert codes in the Header section of your site

WordPress Ad Inserter Cons

  • A little bit complicated to setup – With it’s multiple features; a newbie can completely get lost can i buy priligy over the counter while trying to configure the Ad Inserter Plugin. Hence there is the need to be very careful so it doesn’t mess up your whole site

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While there are several other WordPress Plugin For Ads on the WordPress plugin repository, we suggest you stick with either of the two mentioned above.

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