Why All WordPress Users Should Have A WordPress.org Account

While installing WordPress Software is something, having an account registered with WordPress.org is another thing entirely else. This article is for site owners who are using the WordPress Platform and it’s about having an account with wordpress.org likewise the benefits attached to it.

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WordPress is a powerful as well as flexible Content Management System whereby site owners can use it to setup an e-commerce shop for their products, create a social network interactive platform for users to mingle, build powerful websites, e-learning platform, or launch an awesome blog.

However just as the Blogger Blog Platform requires that you have a Google account registered so as to enjoy some important features like YouTube, Google plus, Drive, etcetera; Also, WordPress requires an account registered with WordPress.org login in order for you to enjoy some features associated with WordPress.

WordPress.org Account Features and Benefits


*. Contribute to WordPress – Knowledge is said to be like a vast ocean in which the one we know is just a drop out of the whole sea. By having a WordPress.org account, you’ll not only be able to Contribute to the WordPress software, but more also, you’ll get to meet other awesome WordPress users too.

*. Get Support From Other WordPress Users – If you ever come across a glitch on your blog or website, you can easily post your enquiries on the WordPress community using your WP.org account.
With that, others WP users who are more experienced or have had similar problem in the past can proffer suggestions and help you solve whatever the issue is.

*. Rate and Review Themes – WordPress has mouthful wide collections of themes from their Theme directory from which you can download as well as use on your website for absolutely free although premium themes are more awesome.
Since there are lots of themes from the WordPress directory, it can be a little bit harder choosing the right one for your site. Fortunately with the help of themes reviewer article and WordPress user like you who review and rate themes, it become easier to pick the right one.

*. Leave Review on Plugins – Do you use a certain plugin on your website and find it awesome? Or perhaps you discovered a plugin is not friendly and find it not deem fit for other WordPress users, you can leave your Review (whether positive or negative) on the wordpress plugin page.
This will help other WP users like you to use the wrong plugin on their site.

Conclusion: The above mentioned are few out of the many benefits attached to why all wordpress users should consider having an account registered with WordPress.org

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