Best Places To Learn About WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

Gutenberg is one of the big changes that accompany the current latest WordPress version 5.0. Here on this article; you’ll get to find out the best places for WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial so you can be able to use it without hassle 😉

gutenberg wordpress tutorial block editor

At first, the announcement of the Gutenberg block editor which came around late December 2018 made WP users to be nervous. This is mainly because all WordPress users (including me) are already used to the tiny classic editor.

However when the new game changing block editor arrives; most WP users find it hard to work on their dashboard Post Editor simply because the block editor was a little bit confusing.

Fortunately; WordPress made the old tiny classic editor available for now so WP users can still make use of it; pending the time they will get accustomed to the block editor.


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To cut the long story short; if you are on this page because you want to know how to be able to work around with the block editor on WordPress, here are top handy resources for you.


4 Top Places For Gutenberg WordPress Tutorial


#1 Gutenberg Official WordPress Website

This is actually one of the top places to learn about how Gutenberg works real time. The official WordPress Page for Gutenberg shows an example of what the block editor is.

Also; you’d be able to practice directly from the site with the Gutenberg Block Editor. Click on Gutenberg Block Editor LINK to get started


#2 WP Beginners

WP Beginners is an awesome place which share useful handy resources for WordPress Beginners. Founded in July 2009 by Syed Balkhi, the site had grown to a large knowledge base of WordPress tips and tutorials.

If you are completely new to how Gutenberg works; you can also checkout the Gutenberg Tutorial on How To Use The New WordPress Block Editor


#3 Go Gutenberg Learning

This website is primarily based on everything about Gutenberg. From Colors to using the Block Editor and other exciting features that which Gutenberg had to offer; this site ensure its best to keep you updated. When you visit Go Gutenberg Website, you can also decide to take a Tour to see how things work.

Whether you are keen to learn about the Column, or the Embeds, or the Blocks or whatever it is; you can easily browse through it on the Go Gutenberg site.



#4. Practice

Whether it is following the option #1 or the option #2 or even option #3; what does really matter is your attitude towards the use of it. Practice makes perfection – so says the popular saying

Hence if you really wanted to in hong kong master how the Gutenberg works; then you would need to practice during your free-time. The earlier and more you practice, the better it get.


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