Without Being A Writer, Can I Be A Blogger?

This is a question every newbie should try and find answer to before diving into blogging. This is because the question, is as important as deciding the reason of starting a blog.
You might ask me, “Why does One Need to worry about being a writer before starting blogging?” The answer is simple: and Its simply the definition of blogging.

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What does a Blog Means?

A Blog is simply like an E-Journal where articles are published on the web thus making it easier and faster to be access by larger audience.
The definition of a blog is what makes it being different from a Website. Though a website might had some similarities with a blog BUT the major difference is articles are more published on a blog than that of a website.
So Simply put; BLOGGING is the act of writing and publishing articles on an online Journal [e-Journal].

What Does it takes to be a Blogger?

With the definition of a blog, one can simply say; a blogger should be refer to as a web publisher [someone who publish articles on the web].
When it comes to blogging, the two things that matters most is; CONTENT+TRAFFIC. None could do without the other. However before going for the latter one, It is highly recommend your CONTENT is of necessary Quantity and Quality.
This is simply because if you drives TRAFFIC to a blog with LOW QUALITY; Readers will leave almost immediately likewise if you don’t drive TRAFFIC to it but had Quality Contents, you will have the best blog no-one had ever heard of.
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So the answer to your question; Can I Be a blogger Without being a Writer? YOU CAN’T! If you really does want to be a better blogger, then you need to be a better Writer.
Don’t panic… If you wish to be a blogger but CAN’T due to some negative reasons with Writing, NSB has some tips you can use to overcome them in which that’ll be discussed later via this blog.
Till then Stay Tuned.

Am sure by the time you’re through reading this post, you must have had one or two things in mind to say. Feel free to share your views or questions via the comment box below.

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