How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Bank Account

Do you have a PayPal account and wanted to know how to withdraw money from paypal to your bank account; then continue reading..

withdraw PayPal money to bank account

PayPal is a payment processor that allows you to send and receive payment instantly. If you own a blog that targets the global marketplace or you work as a freelancer; then you’ll need to have an easier means of accepting payments from your client.

One of the easiest means of receiving payment from clients and people all over the world is through – Payoneer. Payoneer is a payment processor which allows to get paid by Companies and Marketplaces World Wide.

However the downside is; Payoneer allow you to withdraw to your Nigerian bank account only after reaching Threshold of $1000 except if you want to use the Payoneer card. This is the major reason why most bloggers prefer to go for PayPal to send and receive money easily.


How To Withdraw Money From PayPal To Bank Account Using Ashirin

If you already have a PayPal account; you can withdraw your money to paypal funds to your bank account via the guide buy online paypal on this article. Although PayPal has its own inbuilt features which allow you to send money to your bank account; but if that does not work for you, you can use Ashirin instead.


Ashirin is a PayPal processor which serve as a form of middle man between your PayPal funds and getting it to your bank account. All you need to do is signup an account with Ashirin and follow the due instructions


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And there goes all you need to know about withdrawing your PayPal funds to your bank account. If you have any questions as regards opening a PayPal account or withdrawing your PayPal funds to bank account; feel free to leave a comment

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  1. Someone used ashirin to withdraw money to her bank account but up till now she have not received the money in her bank account. It has been up to 2weeks. Is Ashirin not working again? She cries to me every time because i was the one who refered her to

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