Why Use Adsense Over Other Ad Networks? Here’s Why

Adsense is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, best and easiest ways for an online publisher to make an extra bucks from their website or blog. As a matter of fact – it is almost every bloggers dream to have Adsense ads running on their website due to because of the flexibility of the program. Hoever if you are completely new to this whole Adsense program or wonder why people so much love to use Adsense on their website; on this article you’ll find the Top 5 Reasons Why Website Owners Prefer Adsense over other Ad Networks.


Google Adsense is a pay per click program which gives online publishers the opportunity and ability to make money from their blog by displaying ads on their website. In a layman language; what this simply means is when a website owner apply for Google Adsense and is approved; they will have access to Google Adsense dashboard whereby they can copy Adsense ads code and paste it to their website.

After this; whenever a visitor visited the page where that Google ad is displayed and clicks on the ads; the website owner receives a certain amount for it. Then when the earnings threshold had been reached; the website owner can withdraw the money to their account.

Top 5 Reasons Why Website Owners Prefer Adsense over Other Ad Network

Reliable and Trusted Program

Perhaps one of the best reasons why is because Google Adsense is reliable and trusted when it comes to monetization of a website despite that there are several other programs out there. This is because some might end up frustrating your partnership with them – through lower earnings or ending up not paying your earnings. However such is not the case of Google Adsense program; as Google Adsense is a trusted and reliable ad network.

Beautiful and Non-Intrusive Ads

One of the most annoying thing a website could ever have is too much of pop-ups on their website. This not only annoys a website visitor but also increases bounce rate as a visitor will be forced to leave your website out of impatience. Fortunately – Google Adsense ads are usually beautiful and does not intrude with your site functionality.

As a matter of fact- Google Ads even add more beauty to the look and feel of your website.

Increases Your Page views

If you want to reduce the bounce rate on your website; the best way is to include a Related Posts Widget on your blog. A Related Posts Widget on your blog helps your site visitors to discover other interesting older articles on your blog thus increasing your site page views and reducing the bounce rate. If you haven’t installed this widget on your blog already; Adsense also has something similar called Match Content Ads which shows other interesting older articles just below the end of each article on your site.

Monetizing Your Blog

This is in fact supposed to be the number one reason which is – Monetizing your Blog. Using Google Adsense on a website can only meant one thing and that is monetizing your blog in order to fetch a decent income. The income from this can be used to invest in some other aspects of your blog to make it grow.

Passive Income

There are two types of income and that is; Active and Passive Income. Active Income is the type of income whereby you’d always need to be there – in the case of offering website/blog design services whilst Passive Income is the type of income you do not necessarily need to be around as everything is automated – in such cases like Google Adsense.

In this case; Google Adsense allows you to earn passively by making money from your blog even when you are sleeping as long as your website is generated valid traffic from Search Engines or directly from Social Media, etc.

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And there you have it; the top major reasons why almost all website owners and bloggers wishes to have Google Adsense on their site.

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