Why Start a Blog in 2021 and Beyond? (Must Read)

Many people wanted to start a blog and probably have done research about how to start a blog but there’s this nagging question that a lot of people frequently doubt – why start a blog?

In this article; you’ll discover ONLY the most important reasons why it is crucial for you to have a blog (if you can).

why start a blog

Blogging has gone a long way from being a fun online journal where you can write about your personal life, musings, hobbies “to” being a professional journal where you can discuss professional topics like Finance, Entertainment, Business, Lifestyle, Technology, Parenting, and lots more.

However, while the technical aspect of blogging might still be understandable, most aspiring bloggers find it hard to be convinced about the reason why they should start a blog.

While the majority look forward to making money on their first month in blogging, there are just so many benefits of blogging aside from the money-making aspect (i know money is very important, but should it only be that?).

Below are other reasons why you can start a blog too

Why Start a Blog

1. Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Blogging is one awesome means of sharpening your communication skills – most especially in writing. You might want to worry at first if you are bad at writing but trust me, as time goes on, you’ll get much better.

If you want to sharpen your writing skills, you can get a blog and discuss the things you are passionate about in the best way you can write. As you write every day or every week, you’ll begin to notice positive changes in your writing skills.

Communication Tips

Do not try to use big words that will make it hard for your audience to understand what you are trying to say. If your target audience is not so that fluent in English, communicate to them in a simple clear way that they would understand.

2. Meet Like-Minded People

If you are someone who finds cars fascinating, you can start a blog about cars and share your interest.

For instance; you can write about the types of cars you like, what made you like them, their spec, and etc. As you begin to write about cars, your blog will become a source of information for those who have the same interest as you. There you can build up a network of people who share the same interest as you and grow a community of car lovers.

Choosing a Niche Tips

Start a blog and write only about the thing you have an interest in.

If you know you do not have a passion for cars, do not bother to start a blog about it. This will only lead you to end up dropping the blog after a while. Or you might build a community you do not want to belong to.


3. Show your Expertise

Still, remember how I use a car niche in Number #2?

This Number #3 is also similar but the difference is; talking about cars as someone who wants to know about it, or talking about cars as someone who already know about them – and how they work.

If your profession is someone who fixes the car, you can set up a blog that talks about the technical aspect of a blog and how some problems can be fixed by DIY.

A case study is the Nigerian Health Doctor known as Aproko doctor who shares health tips on his blog to educate people about health and wellness.

Expertise Tips

It is okay not to know everything.

If you’re planning on making your blog a medium to share your expertise, be sure it is something you really knew well. This is because you might want to be asked questions based on the content you are posting.

4. Build your Audience

Whether you want to teach people your Native Language, to share your culture, or to educate them about the proper use of Technology tools, a blog is one of the best ways to build up your audience. When you share contents that resonate with them, you begin to gain an Audience and you can use Facebook Groups or Newsletter to have everyone all together.

However before they can connect with you on Facebook, they have to know you first which is why a blog can be a powerful tool for letting your audience know about whom you are.

Audience Tips

When building an audience, do not put the cart before the Horse. the first step is to write contents that resonate with them through your blog so that when you finally want to create a Facebook group or add them to a Newsletter, then it will be easier for your audience to trust you because they have connected with you first – through your blog.

5. Solving Problems

The first article I wrote on this blog many years ago was an article about how to receive automatic configuration settings for all network providers on mobile phones. Despite that the article has been written for a very long time, once in a while when I checked Analytics, I do sometimes see people searching for, and reading the article.

What this implies is that; you can always start a blog to solve problems. Whatever it is you know you have the knowledge, you can always write an article that solves the problem.

Solving Problem Tips

Do not worry about writing an error-free article as trying to be perfect might take you forever before you hit the publish button for your post. The most important thing is to write in a clear stupidly simple way that your readers will be able to understand.

6. Creating Opportunities for Yourself

If you enjoy travelling, you can start a travel blog where you would write about your experiences as a traveller. Apart from documenting your journey, a travel company can find your blog deem useful for their business and decided to pay you for a sponsored post or maybe even sponsor a trip for you.

For instance;

NaijaSingleGirl is a typical Lifestyle and Humour blog which the Author started out of Humour but is now an Avenue for creating opportunities for herself.

Opportunity Tips

Do not focus way too much on the Opportunities as that might lead you to write crappy content. Instead, focus on writing great content and quality opportunities will be attractive to you.

7. Document your Learning Journey

Let’s say you are starting your journey as an App Developer using flutter, you can start a blog documenting your journey from zero to HERO. This will enable you to track your progress and also revert back to your blog in case you face any similar bugs in the latter future.

   Documentation Tips

Remember to associate the right categories and tags to your post, have a search bar so you can easily be able to find whatever it is you’ll be looking for on your blog, in the future.

8. Gain Trust and Reputation with your Products/Services

If you have a product or service you offer, a blog is another way of gaining trust and reputation. You can write articles educating your customer about your product, what it is used for, who it is for, and how they can start using it.

When a customer finds a detailed article on your blog about your products and services, they will instantly be able to build trust with you.

Services Tips

The majority of your article should be about educating your customers and not about selling. Although the purpose of your blog section is to help in selling, if you can’t help them understand what it is they want to buy, you might find it hard to sell.

9. Build Confidence

Are you someone who does not like his/her voice being heard?

If yes, A blog is a good place to start.

You can gradually build your confidence by writing about the subject you think people will learn from, or help them get better. As time goes on, when comments start rolling in about how helpful your article has been, or a message about how a blog post had helped, you’ll begin to build your confidence and get better at Number #1 mentioned on this list.


A blog is a fun and great place to share your voice with the world but it all depends on how you use it. Hopefully, the resources gathered here will help you leverage it much better.

If you have anything to add or remove, feel free to leave it via the comment section.


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