4 Basic Reasons Why People Unfollow You On Twitter

Have you ever woke up one day only to find out the number of people that are following you on twitter has reduced drastically??
On this post, you would learn the 4 Major and Simple reasons why those people unfollowed you on twitter!

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4 Reasons Why People Unfollow You On Twitter

1. When You Acquire Fake Followers – Some people are so desperate in the quest to acquire high number of twitter followers in which in the course of this, some do sought for free and fake followers which are cheap and easier to get.
    When you do this, there are high chances that the Fake followers would unfollow you soon.
2. Untargeted/Irrelevant Tweets –  When someone followed you on twitter, he/she usually does because of based on who you claim to be as mentioned in your bio or where the person got to know you from. If your tweets are in contrast to that and not up to your followers’ expectation, they might be disappointed and decide to unfollow you

3. Posting Frequency:  Sharing tweets aggressively like up to or more than 20 times in a day could irritate your followers as it would not only bore them but also prevent them from seeing other people’s tweets from their timeline.
In such cases, people can unfollow you so as to get rid of the incessant tweets.

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4. Dishonest Followers: These are simply the set of followers whom you’d both agree to follow each other on twitter and after you had both done that, they will unfollow you.?
Thus, making them only to benefit.

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