4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use WordPress, Yet

WordPress indeed do has a lot of mouth-watering features thus making it a powerful CMS platform. You can use it to make a pretty simple website or design a powerful platform of your choice. However despite all of these features; there are some important reasons why you should not use WordPress, yet.

On this article; you are going to find reasons why why WordPress is not for everybody.

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WordPress came to existence on in the year 2003 with the help of Matt Mullenweg and his partner – Mike Little. Ever-since then; the WordPress Content Management System has been evolving to a robust platform growing extensively each passing day.

Nowadays; the robust platform had help a lot of people of various genre in their respective niche when it comes to online presence. Some of the categories of people that use WordPress are;

  • Businessman – For taking their business online (like Sunplanet Company) and easily showcase their products to the world.
  • Bloggers – These are majority of people who use the platform for expressing their thoughts on the world wide web
  • Companies – Companies can also start a website section coupled with blog for telling the world who they are and what they do.
  • Professionals – If you are also a professional in your field, you can use the platform to showcase your online portfolio featuring your skills, experience and etc.

The choice of using WordPress is unlimited – all depending on what you’d like to use it for!

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Having now know the different categories of people; here are certain reasons why the self-hosted WordPress platform is not for everybody


4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use WordPress As A CMS, Yet

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1. Cost a Bit – Unlike the Blogger Blogspot Platform which is FREE to setup, Self-Hosted WordPress costs a fortune. There’s the hosting fee which can be very high if your website runs on a lot of resources.

Also in order to spice up your website; premium beautiful themes which costs as high as $69 are required. There’s also premium plugins and etcetera.


2. You Want Something Simple To Manage – If you want something very pretty simple like static pages which does not require much of very technical experience to setup, manage and run; then you can abandon the thought of owing your site on this platform.

For instance; someone who want a basic portfolio website can go for Google Blogging Platform. This will save him.


3. High Volume of Traffic With Cost – Once your site has started growing up and having a lot of traffic; you might need to upgrade your hosting package. The higher the volume of your traffic, the more you will need to upgrade your hosting package.

If you fail to upgrade your hosting account to an higher plan, it can lead to your website downtime.


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4. Requires Frequent Monitoring – If you are someone who cannot monitor your website purchase accutane online closely or assign the monitoring job to someone else; am sorry to announce that WordPress might not be your thing. This is simply because; there are some certain things you need to check frequently on WordPress as soon as possible.

For instance; there is the need to update your plugins as outdate plugins might cause a bug on your site.


And there you have it; the major reasons why WordPress might not be For You, Yet 🙂

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