Why i Still Love the 2go v3.7?

Despite the Fact that 2go had released a newer version which is 2go v3.9, i still prefer the previous version which is 2go v3.7 for a number of Reasons. In my last post, i mentioned about the v3.8 and its features, if you missed it CLICK HERE to Read. With the Review, undoubtedly one would know the v3.8 has a lot of disadvantages than that of its advantages. Maybe its even because 2go users had send a lot of complaint mails to the 2go team which i thought it was what make them to release the version 3.9.

Why do i prefer the v3.7?
Actually its not that am an old bird not wanting to learn a new trick; its just that i find the v3.7 way more convenient. Its fast, seperates online & offline friends and lots more. I‘ve tried downloading the latest version which is v3.9 but it loads like a snail on my device so i had to just ride on with v3.7.

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