Why AutoPosting Your Facebook Status To Twitter Might Be A Bad Idea

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The idea of connecting twitter account to facebook was the method i’ve been using on NetSocialBlog’s Social Media Account for quite a long time and it has really been of great importance as it reduce the hassle of posting an update on facebook fanpage and rushing down to twitter account todo the same.
Yet despite these advantages, the idea of connecting your twitter account to facebook might still be a bad idea. Want to know why? Continue reading.


I was inspired to come up with this post when i read Marc Guberti‘s post on Why Facebook Connection To Twitter Might Be A Bad Idea and since i’ve earlier posted something related on this blog which is how to automatically publish post from facebook to twitter, i decided to post the reverse effect.

Before stating the adverse effect, let me quickly give a brief details about how the whole thing works just incase you might be hearing it for the first time.
When you connect your twitter to facebook following the procedure i mention here, all of the posts you update on facebook would also automatically be posted to twitter also.
Do you gotcha that? Now lets see why this method might be a bad idea.

Why Connecting Your Twitter Account To Facebook Might Be A Bad Idea

Hitch Caused by Twitter Character Limitation – We all knew twitter has a character limit which is 160 in which anything beyond that is a NO-NO. Now if you’re the type whom is fond of composing long words on facebook, the idea of connecting the two social accounts is not going to be too good for you. This is because once you update long words on facebook, it won’t be able to show everything on twitter.
Although twitter had devise a method to solve this and that is by shortening the other remaining text in form of links so that when twitter users click on the link, they can be redirected to the FULL POST.

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But yet, the disadvantages is that; sometimes when the other remainning text that have been converted to links are clicked on by twitter users in an attempt to read the full post, they might appear broken and won’t lead to the original post. This occurs to me quite often although not all the time and i have the intution that it might be the same for other people too.

And the best SOLUTION i have discovered so far is that, if you connect your twitter account and facebook together, you should try to minimise the text character which you would publish on facebook to that of twitter’s character.

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Have you once connect your 2 social accounts together? Tell me what you like and dislike about it and lets rub minds together | Do also share this post on your social networks too!

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  1. am so super-glad to see you here ma'am! You can still leave the connection but one has to ensure update on facebook is no longer than 160 character because of twitter.
    How is FKB?

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