Whatsapp Now Allows You Share Your Status To Facebook

The new Facebook status allows you to directly share your Whatsapp status to Facebook.

Whatsapp share status to facebook
Whatsapp to Facebook

 Whatsapp Brief History

The micro social media platform – Whatsapp is a social messaging service which allow users to instantly communicate with one another in a flash. Also users get to do voice calls as well as video calls with each other for absolutely FREE!

Perhaps one could say what makes the platform much more popular is its simplicity, flexibility and at the same time perform lots of awesome functions. However in its recent updates; whatsapp introduces a new feature which allows you to share your status to Facebook.

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Facebook, Whatsapp + Instagram Integration Myths

Earlier this year which was around January 2019; there is a report online as to whether Mark Zuckerberg is planning to integrate Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook altogether [BBC Reports]. This reports talk about whether Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are hoping to operate independently or the three were to be integrated.

Although according to the reports; there is a high tendency that their chances of being integrated is very high for cross messaging platform. The integration will help messages to easily travel between them.

Sharing Whatsapp Status to Facebook [New Update]

However with this new updates of sharing whatsapp status to Facebook; seems the future of the social platforms being integrated is very pretty near.

Whatsapp users are anticipating what the next move of the giant Facebook will be as regards the future of Whatsapp.

What do you think about the integration of Facebook and Whatsapp together?

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