Whatsapp Status Updates Privacy Settings You Might Not Know

After the introduction of the new whatsapp feature like Instagram and Snapshat stories, a lot of people were excited as the latest development allow whatsapp users to share status updates temporarily for 24hours.
  While this is a great news for business owners, and bloggers using whatsapp, some users are unaware of the new status feature privacy settings which can be very helpful!

Like, Do you know you can share whatsapp status update and decide those who would be able to view it?!
  Currently now, there are there are 3 privacy settings on the platform for sharing status updates

Whatsapp Status Updates Privacy Settings You Might Not Know

1. My Contacts – When the privacy settings is applied to only “my contacts”, your whatsapp shared status would only be visible to those who are your contact list. This is similar to setting Facebook Status Update Privacy to Public.

2. My Contacts Except.. – This privacy feature allow you to select those whom you do not want to show your status update to, from your contacts

3. Only Share With – Do you want to share your status update to only a particular set of people? Use this privacy feature instead
   Now it’s left to you to choose the one that suits you;)

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