Whatsapp Double Blue Tick: Its Meaning, Pros and Cons.

Did you noticed the blue tick in your whatsapp application and wonder what does it mean? This Post is going to give you full detail on what you wishes to know about the new Whatsapp blue tick.

Recently whatsapp introduces a new feature into their app which is the blue tick icon. A lot of whatsapp users wondered what the blue tick means, yeah Me too. Being a Social Media Technologist, i decided to make research on what it means and below is the Outcome of the Research:

What the Whatsapp blue Tick Means?
One tick means: The message has been sent.

Double tick means: It has been delivered.

The blue tick means: The message has been read(for some users, it also display the time the message was read).

Pros & Cons of the blue tick.
Pros: Some whatsapp users said they love it because it makes their whatsapp application looks more beautiful.
Cons: Some says they didn’t like it as it will make user knew that they ignore their message.

Did you notice the blue tick in your app too? Tell us what you think of it via the comment box.

Image courtesy: thefusejoplin

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