If All Blogs In The Whole World Were To Exist As A Single Blog?

Till the time of publishing this post i still wonder how this funny thought manage to creep into my mind and to add salts to the matter, i couldn’t help but to share with you the thought-striking question “What will happen if all blogs in the Whole world combined together and exist as a single blog?

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After you reading the above question, its either you may have had an ANSWER or you’re still trying to figuring it out like i earlier does too. Although the question is something that can be DROPPED OFF but like i mentioned earlier, its one of those things that won’t LET GO until you found an answer to them.
If not for one of those RANDOM POEM i read back in my high school days which gave me an idea on how to solve the puzzle, probably i would have been on my way to Google Land in search of an answer that almost doesn’t exist;)
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To cut the story short, here is my clue to the answer.
In the blogosphere are PEOPLE, and ABSTRACT likewise visible ELEMENT connected together in which a BLOG is simply one of them. Lets Take a Look into some of them and find out the answer to our question.

  • THE READERS – Readers are one of the most important person in the blogosphere just as a Blogger is too. Readers also could be refer to as visitors as they pay visits to a blog to read the content so as to derive information for immediate or later use.
  • BLOGGERS – Bloggers are those who source and gather information thereby making it available on “the web” so Readers could access them anytime and anyday.
  • BLOG – This is the important ELEMENTS refer by me to as online store on “the web” where contents which consists of mainly – text and images- are saved to. It is the connection between a blogger and a Reader.
    As defined in a blogpost; Without Being a Writer, Can I Be A Blogger, a blog is simply an Online Journal [E-Journal] where articles are written.

Having known some of the inhabitants that constitute the blogosphere, lets find answer to what brought about this post which are the WHAT IF(s)?

  • If ALL READERS in the WHOLE WORLD were to be a SINGLE READER, what a GREAT READER he would be!
  • What about If ALL BLOGGERS in the WHOLE WORLD were to be a SINGLE BLOGGER? Definitely that would make a GREAT BLOGGER!
  • And If ALL BLOGS in the whole world were to be a SINGLE BLOG, Its gonna be a GREAT BLOG.
  • And Finally here comes the Answer;
    If the GREAT BLOGshuts down
    due to some unavoidable
    Technical problem, then
    the GREAT BLOGGERwon’t be able to find someplace
    To share articles,
    Making it impossible for
    The GREAT READER to find
    Something To Read.
    What is your say?

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