Simple Definition of What Backlink Is and Backlink Checker Tool

To Easily understand what a Backlink is, I’ll be using an House to represent your Blog. And in which The path that leads from another place to your house is called Backlink.

However these PATH (Backlink) doesn’t just exist by themselves, Its either they are created by you or “sometimes” by someone else with or without your knowledge so that people could Locate your Home.

  • How Does Backlinks Affect My Website Visibility?
  • Backlinks not only helps in bringing traffic but it can also alter a blog visibilty and its Search Engine Optimization. However you must be aware that not all backlinks are good; Depending on the nature of the Backlink, its either It helps your blog positively or negatively.
    If the Path (Backlink) is from a Bad Source, Its going to have Negative Influence on your Blog Whilst If its from a Good Source, its sure going to made an Impact Positively On Your Blog.
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  • How To Check Your Website’s Backlinks in 3 Easy Steps
    1. Visit Backlink Checker Online Tool
    2. => In the empty box, Fill in your blog url and click on ‘ Analyze Backlinks ‘.
    3. Your backlinks will then be displayed.

    PageSpeed – What It is and How To Check That Of Your Website.
    The advantages of this Backlink checker tool is that it displays your active backlinks and the post on your blog they linked to.
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