Why Does My Blog Not Show Up In Google Search?

If your blog or website does not show up in google after a while, then it does really need a special attention. This is because Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect that cannot be neglected when it comes to building a website or a blog.

On this article, you’ll get to discover why your blog might not show up on Google Search

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Why Your Website Is Not Showing Up In Google Search

1. Under Construction Website

If your website is still under construction, google might decide not to index your site until it is fully constructed. In this scenario; you can use the Coming Soon Plugin for your site. This would send a signal to both your audience and Google that you’re currently working on the site. And whenever you’re done with the construction of the pages, you can publish your site.

2. Website With Little, Low or No Content

This is similar to the No #1 mentioned above but the difference is; an Under Construction Website is like a work-in-progress while a Website with little or now content had already gone LIVE. Since Google focus on high quality website, this could cause your site not to be available on the Search Engine.

3. Submit URL To Search Engines

Even if your website had a lot of high quality contents; if you had not submit your site to search engines, it could take a longer time to crawl. Hence after creating your website and completing the necessary pages, do ensure to submit your site to search engine. You can read Hubspot article on How To Submit Your Site To Google and Why It Does Matters.

4. Check Google Index For Your Site

Perhaps it might be that your site had already been indexed but just not appearing on Google’s first page. You can simply head over to Google.com and type in your “website url”. If it shows, that means your site has already been indexed but you just need to work on the site’s SEO.

5. Improper Meta Description

If your website meta data are not properly configured, it could leads to not being having issue with Search Engines. Longer site title, highly competitive keywords, wrong meta description, bad on-page SEO are some typical examples. To resolve majority of this issue, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to monitor your site’s SEO

Bottom Line: While there might be several reasons as to why your site is not being showed on Google, above are the major top 5 reasons why it could. Feel free to leave a comment for suggestions or questions

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