Web Based Apps – Why you Really Need To Know About Them

If you are reading this article; there’s a very high probability that you must have had one or two encounters with web based applications. If you had no slightest idea what they are all about; this article is about web based apps, what makes them so important, why you need to know about them and some examples of top web based apps.

What is Web Based System/Apps?

Web Based Apps are simply applications that which you access on the world wide web. This simply means that unlike computer software where you’d have to install it on your PC before use; a web based app does not necessarily need installation.

You can access them on any PC using HTTP [Hypet Text Transfer Protocol]. For more information about what web based apps are; you can check Web Based App article on Wikipedia.


Examples and List of Some Web Based Applications

The truth is if you use the Internet; there are a pretty good chance that you could have stumbled upon one or two web based app without knowing.

Below are some list of the Top Web Based Applications;


This is a popular mail owned by Google and used by over 1billion active users (which am sure you are one of them). If you owned a gmail account and want to check your inbox for a new message; you’d probably head over to Gmail.com, right

Gmail is a typical example of web based app.

Google docs

Google doc is a tool that allows you to compose and write document – more or less like that of Microsoft Office software. With the Google docs web based app; you get to easily type documents, save as well as share them easily.


Netflix is an American media-services provider production company in which you can easily watch and stream TV shows online. With Netflix.com; you get to easily stream movies and stream right to your TV, smart phone, game console, etc.


If you are a programmer or someone who’s about to begin his journey to becoming a programmer, you will need to build, compile, test, and debug code. One of the best software out there you can install and use for this function is Visual Code Editor and Notepad ++.

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However if you do not want to install software before you start running code; you can use the Web-based app called CodePen.io.


If you want to automatically share contents across your social media accounts; you can simply use Buffer web based app for easier Social Media Management. With Buffer; you get to easily manage all of your social media accounts without breaking a sweat.

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Image editing web-based app

Nowadays; if you want to design a graphics or edit images; you’ll need to install computer software usually like Adobe Photoshop. But the thing is – you can also design images without install software on your PC.

You can alsocreate and edit images without using software or download our powerful design graphics with your smartphone.


Uses and Function of Web Based Applications

You might be wondering what are the uses of a web based applications? The major uses and from europe finctions of web based apps is that they helps to supplement the native software.

This is to help those who wanted to quickly access the software without having to follow the rigorous process of software installation.


Advantages of Web Based Apps over Native Software

Having known what web based apps are as well as the typical Native software; now comes the question – what are the advantages of Web Based Apps over Native Software?

1. You get to use a Web based Apps on any Personal Computer without bothering about having to Install a software.

2. Easier Access to the Web based app in just a Single Tap

3. Does not consume much storage or RAM unlike the generic Native software.

4. Can easily be shared across multiple users in few minutes.

And lots more..


Now over to you…

Which one would you have chosen between a Native app and Web based.

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