Virtual Debit Card: What It Is, and Why You Need One

Ever want to make payment online but do not want to make use of your local bank Debit card? In this article, you will find out virtual debit card meaning, how does a virtual debit card works, virtual debit card benefits, and how to get a virtual debit card ( free and paid version).

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Virtual Debit Card Meaning ( What’s a Virtual Debit Card ?)

A Virtual Debit card is similar to (exactly like) a physical debit card consisting of all the information that a debit card has, excluding the physical touch. This means a Virtual Debit card includes a Debit card number, expiration date, and the CVV Code.

In addition, a Virtual Debit card is designed specifically for web transactions (online purchases), so as to aid frequent online shoppers to effectively control and manage their transactions.

A Virtual Debit card also allows you to spend safely online, in-store, and/or abroad from wherever you are, in the world.

How Does a Virtual Debit Card Works ?

As earlier mentioned in the definition, a Virtual Debit Card works similarly in the same way a Debit Card works – except the physical touch.

However, unlike a physical debit card which can be used to withdraw money from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), a Virtual Debit card is designed majorly for online payment.

This implies; you can only use a Virtual Debit card to make payments and/or purchases online (e.g Website Hosting Plans, Shopping for Digital Products, Physical Products, and lots more).

To use a Virtual Debit card for online payments and/or purchases, you would need;

  • The Debit card number,
  • Expiration date of the Virtual debit card and,
  • The CVV Code.

The above-mentioned details are what you would use to make payments for your online purchases.

Top 5 Virtual Debit Card Benefits You Should Know

By now, you must have been aware of what a Virtual Debit Card is, the meaning, and how it works. But ever wonder what are Virtual Debit Card Benefits and what makes them have an advantage over a Physical Debit Card?

Below are some of the benefits we think you should know;

  1. Easier to Acquire – Getting a Virtual Debit card can easily be done within the comfort of your room. This make it so easy to acquire and process unlike a physical debit card whereby you might have to walk into a bank before getting a physical debit card.
  2. Spend Safely – If you are worried about using your physical debit card online for purchases, a Virtual Debit card allows you to spend safely online without having to worry about other expenses.
  3. Manage your transactions – With a Virtual debit card, you can easily manage your transactions by deactivating any recurring payments you might have subscribed to.
  4. Saves space – You do not need to worry about the space where you need to keep your Virtual debit card as it is saved online.
  5. Access anywhere in the world – Wherever in the world you travel to, you can always access your Virtual debit card online – without carrying it along.

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How To Get a Virtual Debit Card ( Free and Paid )

Getting a Virtual Debit Card can easily be done online with a fintech company or a financial institution. If you would like to get a Virtual Debit card for free, you can request one from Kuda.

However, if you would like to get a dollar Virtual Debit Card, you can request from Flutterwave from here.

In conclusion

Having a Virtual Debit card has a lot of advantages and comes with the option to choose either a Naira Virtual Debit Card or a Dollar Virtual Debit card. You can always request a Naira Virtual Debit card from Kuda or a Dollar Virtual Debit Card from Flutterwave.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to use the comment box below.

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