How To View Whatsapp Status Without Being Seen or Known

Do you want to know how you’d like to view someone’s Whatsapp status without being seen or known? Then continue reading to find out

Whatsapp Status is one of the simplest and easiest ways to share photos/videos with the people in your list which is similar to the populous Instagram. This Whatsapp status which usually consists of photos or videos are visible for the next 24 hours before it got expired.

On this article; you’ll get to discover how you can view someone’s Whatsapp status without being shown in the Seen List of that person.

view whatsapp status without being seen

Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the famous micro-social media platforms out there which allows people to easily communicate in an instant! Not only that you can send text message to your people, you can also do voice calls as well as video calls.

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Although Whatsapp had many features in order to ease the use of it for its users; however there are some features that which most of us are not quite familiar with. Viewing other people’s Whatsapp status without being seen is one of them. And here’s how to do it;


How to View Whatsapp Status Without Been Seen and Letting Them Known

First Step – Go to Account Settings from Your Phone

Step 2 – Scroll down to Privacy >> Read Receipts

Step 3 – Then disable and turn off Read Receipts on the settings


After turning off your Read Receipts; when you view other people’s Whatsapp Status, it wouldn’t show you viewing the whatsapp status.

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