Powerpoint Tutorial On Using It To Edit, Design and Save Images

Have you ever wanted to create and design your own image by adding some text or elements on it from your computer but you are unable to simply because, there seems to be no EDITING SOFTWARE except the MICROSOFT OFFICE Programs loaded on your PC:/
Well i’ve got Good News for you as i’ll be sharing with you, how you can use POWERPOINT to design and save images for free!

The Microsoft Office Application Package which includes MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, e.t.c is a populous software which has almost 90% of PC users using it according to a report from the No #1 list here.

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However despite that great number of people were using this powerpoint, they thought its only for creating and showing presentation but i think IT CAN STILL DO MORE.

To cut the story short, i found out how to use powerpoint in creating and editing images like i does for the picture i used in blogger vs wordpress misconceptions solved (you won’t believe i use powerpoint for that cute image).
But the fact is, it all boils down to how creative you are!

If you are a consistent user of powerpoint, you might wonder that, won’t POWERPOINT save your works in .pptx (that is powerpoint format) and not image format?

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Of course its going to, exactly the way you thought but if you want it as an IMAGE so you could use it for other purpose you want, then you can save it in a DIFFERENT WAY which am going to mention below.

=> ”Once you’re through in creating and editing the image, simply RIGHT-CLICK on your designed Image and Scroll to SAVE AS IMAGE. Thats all!

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