How To Upload Photos To Instagram On PC Online

Ever wanted to use the popular social media photo and video sharing social network called Instagram but you do not have a smartphone that which you could use to upload your photos on the platform or perhaps you have no intention of having to use a smartphone to do that?
If yes; On this article, we would be sharing with you an Article on how you can use Instagram on your PC.

As we all knew of it, most social network like Facebook and Twitter does allow the users to use and interact on the platform via a PC connected to Internet without having to download their smartphone application.
For instance; you can use any of Facebook features via your PC in which these features include updating status, sharing photos videos, commenting on pictures, updating your profile, adding friends, responding to messages and etcetera.

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However the case is not so on Instagram as the platform officially does currently not allow users to upload photos with a PC or desktop. This simply means you can only get to use the FULL FEATURES of Instagram when you have the Official Instagram Application installed on your Smartphone Devices.
But how then can you use Instagram to upload photos and Videos with your PC?

How to Post Pictures, Add Story on Instagram from Your PC and Desktop Online

There are several ways that which you can use to upload photos on Instagram directly from your laptop and desktop but in order to spain save you the pain of having to outsource them on your own, we had handpicked some of the best methods

1. Using Google Chrome – You can use your Google chrome browser to access Instagram simply by downloading an extension called Desktop for Instagram on the Google chrome Webstore.
With the extension, you’ll be able to access Instagram, upload photos and even download photos.

2. Using BluestackBluestack is a very popular software which allow you to use Android App on your PC. With the Bluestack installed on your PC, you’ll be able to download Instagram app and make use of it anytime, anywhere and anyday.

3. Using an Online is one of the awesome online tool out there on the web that which you can use to upload photos on Instagram.
The online tool works for Microsoft Operating System and Mac OS as the time of writing this post.


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