How To Use IFTTT To Automatically Share New BlogPosts On Social Media

If you’re a blogger wanting to share your posts to multiple social network accounts, you’ll agree with me that doing it manually won’t only take time but would also consume much of your energy!
Hence it is best to find some social media tools so as to make the job easier and faster!
I currently use dlvr to automatically share latest posts from NetSocialBlog but unfortunately the Dlvr platform is currently not accepting new users as at now but if you are looking for another tool that would allow you to automatically share your latest posts on social media, you can use IFTT.


IFTT meaning “if this then that” is a free web-based service which allow and helps you to do more with the services you love. Some of those servics are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Skype and hundreds more interesting services!

How Does IFTTT Works?

Depending on the services you want, IFTTT works in an amazing and different way. But right here on this post, I’ll be talking about that of the blogger platform and how you can share posts from blogger blog to your social networks

How To Use IFTTT To Share Posts To Multiple Social Networks

1. Sign up for an account on
2. After successful login, you’ll be taken to the dashboard
3. Now click on the Blogger Applets 
4. Then, a list of the services you can use with your blogger blog would now be displayed
5. Choose the social networks you would like to connect whenever you publish new blogpost and follow the instructions that follows!

If you had any trouble doing this, feel free to leave comment here

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