How to Use Instagram as Your Online Business Marketing Platform

Social media networks are a good way for businesses to validate their brand. In fact, most businesses nowadays are using Instagram to promote their brand, their products, and/or services. As a result; more and more businesses are getting greater opportunities to make the public aware of what they have to offer.

However, of all social media networks around, Instagram has proven to be the most dominating platform for e-commerce. Fact is, Instagram has recorded over 80 million users to date and being part of this ever growing world will be in the best interest for your business or brand.

As we all know, advertising and marketing are the most important ways for businesses to reach their target audience. In point of fact, with the support of other social networks, Instagram has only just propelled its advertising platform that incorporates with Facebook’s to more remarkableInstagram_Marketing targeting capabilities. Believe it or not, hundreds of businesses are taking full advantage of this.

Instagram has a remarkable built-in search function, and with the help of reliable hash tags, your visitors will have a good platform for finding different business locations and names of people, brands and/or companies. Let’s say someone types your company name or your commonly used hashtags. Wouldn’t you want to control what details come up just as you would in Google, Yahoo or Bing search?

You cannot afford to lag behind now. So keep reading, get informed and be ready to propel your business (small or big) to new and exciting heights.

7 Instagram Tips On Using Instagram For Business

1. Get A Substantial Following on Instagram

For you to become popular on Instagram, you must cultivate a good following. So the big question is how to get as many Instagram followers as possible. First you must connect your Instagram account with a different social media account. For example, synchronizing your Instagram and Facebook accounts is a good start for you in your followers search.

Another tip for you to get a good following is by using relevant and popular hashtags in your posts. And even as you use the hash tags, you have to post as many times as possible because people will be more interested in latest posts than posts that were made 8 hours ago.

Thirdly, ignoring your customers’ posts might send the wrong message. So, follow others and like, share or comment on their posts. Like4Like technique will show your customers that you are willing to communicate and interact with them.

2. Embrace Videos on Instagram

From a marketing perspective, incorporating video into your online marketing strategy is a very smart move. As a matter of fact, Instagram is the social network for business owners who love taking videos. You can take as many videos as possible and upload them right away. Good news, when you have all your social network accounts configured, once you post on Instagram, the post appears on Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, you name it.

Believe you me, you will get good results for visually promoting your brand. All you need to do is have a useful and informative description (or caption) for your photo or video before posting it.

3. Come up with a consistent posting plan

Just like children, your customers need to be reminded of you every now and then. So don’t leave them guessing.Instead, give them facts regularly. However, do not overdo it because when you crowd your customers’ news feed, they might get irritated. So come up with a good plan on how and when you will be doing the posting.

Most importantly, keep track of how your posts are getting responses online and if there is no remarkable response from your followers, you might want to try a different approach.

4. Optimize your Instagram profile

Just like it is with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, you must optimize your profile to contain all the relevant details about your brand. For followers to be interested in your posts, your profile must be convincing enough.

Therefore, include any information that your flowers might use to find you and information that can convince people to do business with you.

Apart from making a name for yourself or rather your brand on the social media platform, you must also embrace search engine optimization technique.

So what exactly is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

It is basically optimizing a website to meet the search engine guidelines and be in a position to attain a good ranking on Yahoo, Google, Bing and any other relevant search engine.

Search engine optimization is something that all web owners must do to ensure that their customers or visitors get useful, relevant and entertaining information without breaking a sweat. But did you know that SEO is divided into two? There is on-page optimization and there is also off-page optimization.

On-page techniques, just like the name suggests, are those optimization techniques that are used on the website like Meta keywords, Meta descriptions and page titles. On the other hand, off-page optimization techniques are those techniques that are done on a different platform including but not limited to link building. All in all, here is why up-to-date SEO is mandatory, especially for businesses.

  • Top rankings

For you to improve your search engine ranking, optimizing your site as per the search engine guidelines is mandatory.

  • Good value for your money

As we all know, hiring an SEO expert can be quite costly. But at the end of the day, this is a big investment that you cannot afford to let go of. The good news is that even after spending a good fortune on SEO techniques for your website, these techniques will multiply your efforts and yield better results.

5. Online popularity

Want to naturally gain a good following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? Then you must have an online profile that talks about your brand and what it is that you have to offer to the public. As the SEO experts call it, social SEO is very influential when it comes to creating a good rapport online.

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