UpNepa – An Android Application That Notify Users Of Electricity Supply (ON/OFF)

UpNepa Nigeria is a fast growing mobile application/web platform which is aimed at bringing Nigerian citizens to the full awareness on the current state of electrical power supply of their preferred communities or areas anywhere within the country.

       The UpNepa App is a simple utility app which gives real time information about the current state of power supply within a particular region or community.

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Electricity is one of the most important basic needs of humans and had plays a very big role nowadays in our life – From personal use, to official purposes, leisure and etcetera. However since it’s almost impossible to have constant 24/7 electricity in Nigeria, how then does one know whether there’s electricity in a certain location or not?

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    Here’s where UpNepa App comes in. UpNepa is an android application that notifies users whenever there’s electricity in a certain location that which they choose to receives updates from. Literally, the word “UpNepa” is a popular slang being used most especially by young children whenever there’s electricity or the electricity was taken.

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Now back to the main topic;
       Let’s assume you’re about to move from your house to another place probably to visit a friend or for some other purposes. You’ll agree with me that it can be a little bit harder to find out whether there’s electricity at that location or not to  when it’s someplace you aren’t familiar with 5.
In this case, the way by which you could only know is either by assumption or by calling that your friend to ask if there is electricity OR not.

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     But the thing is – these two options are a little bit odd, kind of strenuous and might also not be accurate in the case of assumption. Then what’s the easiest and faster way to find out if there’s electricity?

=> It is simply through the use of UpNepa Mobile Application which notifies you the current state of electrical power supply!

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How To Use UpNepa App To Detect Current State of Power Supply?

There are two mode of getting to know the state of electricity supply using the UpNepa App. They are;
1. Automatic Mode – This mode allows you to quick search and adds your desired area, community or location to receive real time notification whenever electricity is restored.
2. Alternate Mode – The alternate mode provides you with the option of using Estimated Count to determine the current state of electrical power supply. You can also buzz an UpNepa user in an area to ask if there’s electrical supply in which you’re going to get instant reply

You can download UpNepa App from Google PlayStore or visit their official website at www.upnepa.ng/

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