Top 6 Basic Elements You Should Include For Your Next Blog Post

Whatever your BLOG NICHE is, you’re definitely going to find this
post handy as am going to share with you Basic Codes You Should Input in
Your Next BlogPost.

  Do not panic, You don’t need to be a Geek
before you can use ’em as i had break them with the help of NSB Tactics
HAMMER;) into simpler pieces so much that a complete newbie would easily
understand this post.
    You might want to say “Oh am an ENTERTAINMENT BLOGGER, Codes are only meant for Tech bloggers OR
even say “Afterall its a PERSONAL BLOG, i don’t think i’ll need these codes since i just wanna publish my Thoughts to the World”

But am telling you that whatever your Niche is, you’re going to find these codes definitely helpful.
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Basic HTML Elements can be use in Your BlogPost to Style and arrange
your Contents so as to increase the intensity of the readability for
your blog readers.
Are we ready?

  • #1. BOLD ELEMENT: This element can be used to make a text stands
    out from the rest. You can use it to highlight a point so as to catch
    the readers curiousity LIKE THIS.

 Code example is => <b>BOLD</b>

  • #2. UNDERLINE: This code can be used to Underline a title or any text you deem fit. When the element is applied, it works LIKE THIS.

 Code example is => <u>UNDERLINE</u>

  • #3. COLORS: Wants to Add Rainbows to your Content;) The Color
    Element is ready to be of help to you. Using this HTML element adds
    color to the Text being declared to example LIKE THIS

 Code example is => <font color=”yellow”>YELLOW</font color>

  • #4. HYPERLINK: The Hyperlink is simply a line of codes which can be
    used as a Link to another source. You can use it to link to another
    place on your blog or an external link. It works like this Netsocialblog

 Code Example is => <a href=”LINK URL”>TEXT</a>

  • #5. LINE BREAK: This is used to break a line after writing long
    posts. Without using this, all text will be mixed up thus making it hard
    to read. Code Example is; 

 Code example is => <br>

  • #6. PARAGRAPH: Should i say that this element is the double fold of No #5?
    As the name suggests, this Element add a PAGE BREAK between a text line and the beginning of new line. 

Code example is => <p>Paragraph</p>

These are the Basic HTML Codes to make your Post Friendly,
Beautiful, Readable and Stylish. Now It all depends on your creativity
in using them.
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    1. Good tips, but it's not very clear HOW to use them, I would have loved to see an example of how the html looks? I'm assuming that you simply type in the phrase in all caps, but that's not very clear either. I am thankful for the tips, I just came here as a complete novice to html and still don't have a clue how any of those work

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