Top 3 Safety Tips For Mobile Phone Users

Its of no doubt that Mobile phone had helped make things easier nowadays, even though people use it for DIFFERENT REASONS which make them to research about these 4 tips before buying a phone.
However the reason for using a mobile phone still MAJORLY boils down to calls, text messages, and browsing the internet.

And despite that a MOBILE PHONE is very useful and can work all round clock, 24hours a day and 7days in a week.
Its necessary for us to beware of some factors so as not to face the adverse effect of this beautiful and mobile technology called phone

Below are some of the things to beware of, (and not mobile hoax) for phone users.

  1. When sleeping or about to sleep at night, it is recommended to keep away from mobile phone so as to prevent radiation from it. To make things easier, you can use the AUTO ON and OFF feature on your phone.
    If you are the type who likes to listen to music or radio programs through the night, you can move the phone away few metres and keep a distance from you and the device.
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  3. Do not use a phone in dim light – Are you fond of using your mobile in complete darkness or with a dim light? If yes, try minimizing or better yet – S.T.O.P I.T!
    This is because doing so is very bad for your eyesight. One of the Adverse effect of using phone in a dim light constantly is that of the man who diagnosed with an eye cancer.
  4. According to a source, radiation will strenghten when a Phone Signal is Poor or Low Battery status hence it is recommended not to call at this period.
    BUT If its very important you make call, then i think it would be better to make lesser calls at those moments.

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And there goes my TOP 3 Collection of Safety tips for Phone User which i believe will do good if you (i mean we) follow them.
Got any phone safety tips too, you can also share it with me!
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