5 Awesome Tips on How to overcome Shyness In Front of An Audience.

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"Are you scared of speaking before a large audience or even making a few suggestions in public? This need not be." you can make effective speeches in public.


#1 * Perhaps the most important step is to be sure of what you are going to say. This sounds obvious but it is amazing how many people get up to speak when in fact have very little to say.after one point, they run out of words.. "*So to ensure you can speak well,make sure you get enough points to speak about,examine them well cos the more good points you have, the more confident you feel*"

#2 * How you do present your speech. Certainly before you speak,you will be a litte uneasy. Even the most experienced speaker feels the same way before beginning his speech.It pays to breathe in & out, heavily,deeply,calmly. Then begin the speech,slowly,calmly,carefully with a clear confident voice. This is when you are going through the salutation."The Chairman, Honourable Guests of Honour,Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen…"By the time you finish this,you will have reached a point of emotional equilibrum. You should now be sufficiently calm to go on with the speech.

#3 * Somewhere at the beginning and at strategic points in your speech,you should introduce flavour into what you are saying."You wouldn't wants to serve tea without sugar afterall."so inject some humorous remarks once in a while. But this calls for skill.you cannot introduce humour indiscriminately otherwise you may sound like a jester. But these jokes must be brief,purposeful and closely related to the point.

#4 * Many speakers are scared by the counteanance of listeners. Though not all looks are friendly, however there are bound to be a few friendly ones. Looking at those friendly ones from time to time cos Looking at the friendly faces keeps you at ease.

#5 * You are advised to write your speech in full,practise it and get a willing listener to criticize your delivery.Its not advisable for you to memorize it cos U could forget vital areas.

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