Types of People That Won’t Comment On Your Social Media’s Post

Lets assume you create an interesting post or should i say “status” on a social network. Then After hitting the publish button, you felt a thrill as you are triple sure you would be getting lots of comment soonest with the post you just updates.

10, 15, 20minutes later and nothing hasn’t happened yet. Probably like 45minutes, one to two comments manage to roll in, and whew! No comments again!
You would be like; Why wasn’t i getting comments on THIS POST?

And since your thought earlier was that the post ought to fetch lots of comments, this then made you to wonder as to whether you did something wrong, like posting in the wrong time or maybe the wrong content.
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HOWEVER after looking thoroughly into that, i noticed that the fault MIGHT not be that of the poster, neither the post been created. It is simply from your presumed commentators for these are the people that took 65 percentage out of 100, as to why you’re not getting comments on your social network post.
On this post, i’ll categorise to you the three types of people that WON’T COMMENT ON YOUR Social Media‘s Post.

  1. These categories of people saw your post but they “didn’t know what to say” hence they don’t comment. It might be due to complication of your post or something else.
  2. They Knew what To Say But were just *too busy* to comment. Maybe they were into something which is taking their time, or their mission at that particular moment is to reply to a few pings -nothing more, nothing less.
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  4. Those that belong to this group are the ones that *knew what to say and they are neither so that busy* but just intentionally ignore to comment on your post. The reason why it happens so is usually spontaneous.

By the time you read this post through, am sure you would worry less next time you noticed your interesting post on social networks doesn’t gets comment, as you would definitely know they are caused by either of the 3 GROUPS OF PEOPLE mentioned above and NOT you.

Before i close this post, let me remind you that sometimes it might not be from the commentators, IT COULD BE YOU!
Hopefully, i will be talking about why is that next time. Don’t want to miss it? Follow NSB on social networks and be the FIRST to receive it via NSB Loyal Email Subscribers.

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    1. I will read the post. My most popular post of all time have only one comment. But thousands of pageview and up till now, it still attract traffic from Google like seriously.


    Bros you've just said it all concerning this topic…Another thing to be included is those that wished they run comment but don't really know how to…or browsers don't support it.

    I think the validity of your post is not by comment… If people who get 30,000 pageviews on a post should be expecting comment from everybody that hit the link, hmmmm you know what that will mean.

    How you?

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