How To Solve UNABLE TO CREATE DIRECT 3D Error On Your Computer

Recently i have been having serious issue with a compaq laptop which belongs to a friend. The error starts when we try to install a software. The system hard disk begins to perform in an awkward way.

After a series of research and advice, we were told to format the system, since we had no choice, we had to format it. Then later after the formatting: another error comes up which says “Unable to Create DIRECT 3D” anytime i try to open a game called freedom fighter likewise it also affects all display units like Youcam, Video media player and other.
I tried all possible offline way to troubleshoot it but it didnt work. then later tried the online troubleshooting way by asking from different Computer Expertise but all to no avail. Later i got an hint that it was the VGA driver that needs to be Updated. Then i begin another adventure of finding a site that have the download link of the Compaq Cq57 Vga Driver, though it was so hard at first finding the site that have the download link. But at the end, i was lucky to find the Vga Driver website and EUREKA i found it. I update the software on my pc and it works.

So my advice is anybody Facing the same issues should try updating their VGA DRIVER. I rest my pen here!

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