The Actual Day of this year Eid-il-Kabir

Before this discovery, people are still doubting the day of Eid il Kabir. Some says its on 24th… Some say on 25th whilst some say on 27th.
But now The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar has declared Friday 26 of October 2012 as Eid-il-Kabir Day after the sighting of the new crescent on Oct. 16 in Sokoto.The Ram Killing Festival is a Great festival in the Life of all Muslim.
It started when Prophet Ibrahim (alaehi salatu wasalam) was in dire need of son. At old age, he now promised God that if God could bless him with a child, he would used the child to worship him. And God heard him and bless him with a boy called Ismail.
After some years when Ismail grew up, God now remind Prophet Ibrahim about the promise he made.
Then Prophet Ibrahim (alaehi wasalam) take Ismail with him to the mountain where he was to be sacrificed. There God asked him to stop and told Prophet Ibrahim (alaehi salat wasalm) to used the ram instead
Since that year, Muslims have been celebrating till today and forever.

We Pray Almighty Allah keep us Alive to witness more of this.. Amin.

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