How To Take Website Screenshot From URL Instantly

Do you want to check out what your website looks like, or do you want to take a website screenshot for your portfolio? In this article, we will show you how to take website screenshots from URLs.

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In my last post on design, I discussed How To know if your blog is Mobile Responsive but in this post, now we are going to discuss how to take a full website screenshot so you can understand what it looks like, using snapshot-site. is a website that allows you to snapshot your website and turn it into an image.

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How To Take Website Screenshots from URL.

*. Visit

*. Enter the URL of the website in the box provided.

*. Then click on Get Image and a snapshot of the website (Be patient, it can take a little while depending on your website design) will be provided.

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      I use this site to generate a free full web-page screenshot with our service.

      Free web page screenshot service, that provides rich interface to make any kind of web screenshots online for free with no limits.

      Ingest custom JavaScript code into the web page.

      1. Thank you for providing this resource.
        Looks great, and since the current resource is not working, we would be replacing it with this.

        Have a blessed day

  1. I knew about the snipping tool but the thing about the tool is; it can only be used if one is using his/her PC to browse unlike the online tool i shared which allow you to screenshot your website from any devices even your mobile phones.

  2. I use snipping tool found on the pc to take a screenshot of my blog. Most bloggers dont know they there a tool like that on their pc.

  3. An helpful tip for bloggers, one can easily see their site's desktop view via mobile. Usually, I take the snapshot with my phone after accessing the web version, but the limitation is that i can't see the entire homepage. This site you referred us to is better off, generates the image within a matter of seconds.

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