How To Stop auto renewal on glo data subscription

Are you stuck trying to cancel auto renewal on glo data subscription? if yes; this article shows the latest working method on how to stop auto renewal on all glo data subscription.

What is Glo Auto Renewal Data all about?

Glo data Auto renewal is a feature that automatically renews your data subscription immediately you ran out of data bundle. For instance;  if you subscribe to the monthly glo data subscription; whenever your data subscription expires, your data plan automatically renews.

The PROS of Glo Data Autorenewal

The positive side of this is that assuming you are downloading or doing something urgent; you need not to subscribe again. That is – no need to go through the hassle of dialing a USSD code as the plan automatically renews

The Cons of Glo Data Auto renewal

The negative part of it seems far outweighs the positive side – judging from the review online. For instance; someone who’d subscribe to glo daily data plan might want to subscribe to monthly in the next recharge. And only for the auto renewal service to deduce their airtime for daily data auto reneal.

How to Stop Auto Renewal of Glo Data Subscription

You have to follow the due procedure so the data subscription can be cancelled effectively. To cancel the Auto renewal glo data subscription; ensure


  1. You have an active Data subscription: This means you’re on the current data plan of the data you wanted to stop its autoreneal
  2. Send the correct code FORMAT: Take note of Capital letters or small letters or space break, etc. Anything and everything matters
  3. Message Delivered: After sending the messages; double check that the message delivered successfully. If it did not deliver; try to find out whats wrong and resend the message.
  4. Receive confirmation message: If you followed the three steps mentioned above; you should receive an email stating the cancellation of the auto renewal. If you did not receive a confirmation message – it means it did not work.

Code to Stop Auto renewal on Glo Data Subscription

All you have to do is Navigate to the MENU >> MESSAGE >> TEXT MESSAGE. Then send the below keyword to 127

Keyword; CANCEL

That is;

send “CANCEL” without apostrophe to 127

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