Important Things To Remember When Starting Your blog

Having a blog is something that most entrepreneurs want. Additionally, it is also popular with people who want to document their personal journey. Whether you are somebody who wants to build your personal or business blog, there are some things you need to remember when starting your blog.

Gone are the days where blogging used to be simply an outlet for our own thoughts and emotions. Although this is still done nowadays, the purpose of having a blog expands more than that. You can actually build your brand, attract an audience, and possibly even monetize your blog. If you are planning to start a blog in the 21st century, read these tips to help you get started on the right track.

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Important Blogging Tips for Beginners

1. Define your target audience

Before deciding on your layout or how you want the design of your blog, you need to understand who will your audience be. When starting a blog, it is better to have an audience in mind than relying on the interests of the general public.

Unless you’re a content-making machine like news websites like CNN or Huffington Post, you cannot attract a large audience from the very beginning. By defining your audience, you can put a direction on the types of content you will be posting.

For example; if you plan to have a fitness blog, think about whether you will focus on women’s fitness or the Ketogenic diet. If you will be focusing on photography, think about whether you will focus on building tutorials or travel photography.

2. Think about the URL of your blog

If you are really serious about blogging, it goes without saying that you should be decided that you will invest in paid hosting. Paid hosting means you will get a domain name of your own. Your domain name is very crucial because it also helps people remember the name of your business or brand.

Your URL name should be catchy but at the same time should be able to define what you have to offer. Stick to having URLs that are three words at most.

If you can, try to be unique and different from other URLs so that your audience won’t confuse you with other websites.

3. Remember to set up your e-mail list from the beginning

Some newbie bloggers think that they will just mind the complexities of setting up a blog later on when they make a few posts here and there. This is a rookie mistake that costs bloggers an audience that they were supposed to have. Honestly, how many blogs have you visited more than twice unless you’re subscribed to them?

By setting up your subscription box and e-mail list right away, you capture your audience from day 1. It makes it easier for you to grow your blog without worrying if the particular visitor for that day will come back the next time around. There are available plugins that will help you set up a subscription box and a mailing list with ease.

4. Think of your goal as a blogger

Your blogging should have a purpose. Whether it’s to share your voice, get your business known, or to build it as a business in itself, you must be clear about the purpose of your blog. For example, a clothing business may start a blog about fashion to help attract their audience to and the products they offer. The purpose of the blog is to create content for the exposure of your goals.

By having these goals, you will create content that aligns with the purpose of your blog. This will also guide you on what kinds of monetization strategies you want to use, such as online advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and other partnerships that you want to establish.

Bottom Line: Starting a blog may be quite overwhelming, but if you start with these tips, it will be easier for you to commit fewer mistakes and make your blog-building more smooth-sailing.

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