Solved: Facebook Account not Showing Image or displaying blackbox

This is the message sent to me by a lovely Reader of this blog. The message goes thus below:
Good day to you Author, pls am having issue with my account on facebook. Instead of showing Images, its showing blackbox. Pls wot shud i do?

The issue of image not displaying has happened to me before, i checked my browser settings, clear cookies, cache but up to no avail. At the end i was able to solve the bug which am going to explain below.

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    If you can’t see Images on facebook or its showing either blackbox or broken photos, there are two things that could cause it. Your browser Settings or Facebook Settings.

    How To Solve that of Browser Settings.

    Whether its Operamini, Ucbrowser, or your default browser, click on settings and check if your Image settings are turned on. After setting it on, reload your facebook page and see if it works. If it doesn’t proceed to Facebook Settings below.

    How To Solve that of Facebook Settings

    1. Click Settings & Privacy at the bottom of the screen

    2. Click on General

    3. Click Edit which is next to Data Usage

    4. Choose Less, Normal or More and click Save.

    Here’s how each setting works:
    *. Less: Facebook won’t show any photos

    *. Normal:Facebook will show all photos in low quality

    *. More: Facebook will show all photos in high quality.

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