SOLVED: Blog Post Category Not showing or Displaying blank Page.

If you have added Post Categories to your blog maybe in the header section or somewhere else but its showing blank when clicked, Worry less as am going to tell you how to solve it in this very post. Its More easier than you can Imagine!

I visited the blog of one of a friend and tried to access a particular post category but wasn’t showing.Its only displaying blank page.
And Since i’ve once had the experience of it on my blog, it didn’t took me much time before i detect what really was wrong. Now if you’re on a custom domain and your blog Categories is not opening that is showing blank page. Below is how you can solve it.

How To Solve Post Categories showing Blank.

*. Goto your blog dashboard and click on Layout.

*. In the header section or anywhere your blog categories is, Click to edit it.

*. Assuming the Title is ‘News’ and the url is Now Edit the “url of the post categories” from to

*. Click on Save and view your blog categories. It would definitely be displaying them!

Do you have any question. Drop them in the comment box below.

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