How Many Social Networks Should You Belong To, & Which One Suits You?

Ever wonder how many Social Networks You Should Belong To,  in order to increase your Awareness/Catch fun? Or you wonder the social networks that best fits your profession/business out of the top Social Networks out there; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, etcetera?

     Well, Good News! This post you’re about to read is meant to help you identify the number of social networks you should join likewise the TYPE that suit you. 
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How Many Social Networks Should You Belong To?

   If you have already been a user of different social networks, you might have noticed that either your attention is focused on one than the other or you had completely ignored some of your accounts. 
     This is why its best to focus on few social networks account and make them active rather than register on lots of social networks and render them useless. 
   The social networking sites you should consider joining would depend on your nature, what you wish to achieve on it, likewise your profession/business. The below post would give you better clarification 
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The Type Of Social Networks You Should Belong To?

Each social network has their unique features and these features are what make them differ. The one you should consider joining is the one you think better suited to your nature, profession or business.  Check some of the features below

*. Facebook – Irregardless of your nature or profession, Facebook is a recommended social media site for you. It allows you to share posts (short or long), photos, links and anything else. Facebook also allows you to connect easily with your old friends using the data from your profile like School and Workplace.
    Like i earlier said, this site is recommended for all and i don’t think there’s any reason NOT to join.
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*. Twitter – If you’d like to update lengthy posts, Twitter is a No-No for you as this social network allows you to post status not higher than 140 characters. This is cool though because it forces you to be more creative with your status by making it shorter and meaningful.
        Twitter is recommended for bloggers, business owners, talented, and those who wish to connect with bigger brands or give their blog/business more exposure especially with the correct use of hashtag.
  I recommend you read “Basic Introduction To Using Twitter Effectively” so you can know how this social networking site works.

*. LinkedIn – Do you have a skills or you’re a professional in your field? If yes, LinkedIn is the best choice to connect with like-minded people. It is also a good platform for an employer to meet an employee likewise vice-versa.
     For this to work, you’ll need to ensure your profile is well updated and contains appropriate description about you.

*. Instagram – Instagram deals only with Photos and Videos. If you are a photographer, fashion designer/blogger, etcetera, this platform would better suits you. Not only that uploading your images and videos are faster, but its also easier for viewers to see them!
     If you’re a blogger, you can check out “6 Instagram Blogging Tips To Boost Your Blog’s Visibility” to read how you can use the social network to your advantage.

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