Simple, Responsive and Beautiful Blogger Template

A blog’s design, irrespective of niche, is very important as it will solely determine whether your visitors would find it easier or a little bit complicated to navigate your posts LIKEWISE find out what they need to know about your blog.

From my little Research, it was discovered that one of the issue most bloggers are facing; is getting a responsive template [Do Note that the word “responsive” do not mean JUST *beauty* but also to support your visitors device whether they’re using MOBILE or PC] hence i’ll be sharing with you a simple responsive template.

If you’re on the blogspot platform, this simple responsive template is made definitely JUST FOR YOU. Chosen from Google’s responsive template and customised to a more Stylish Taste with Html Codes, CSS, Script, Widgets e.t.c so as to make it suit various device and also up to Google Adsense‘s Standards. The features of the template includes but not limited to;

  • A beautiful Tab design with Custom Font
  • Automatic Jump-Break For All Posts; saving the stress of adding Manually
  • Pin It Plugin for Image in Posts
  • Ability to Customise Blog Colors By Yourself Unlike 3rd Party Template
  • Simple, Responsive and Loads Super-Fast

If you’ve been having issues with adsense approval regarding “your template”, this template is also good to go for you as it is currently in line with 85% Google Adsense Requirement as at Now.

Note – You can get this theme also via NSB ONLINE STORE.

0 thoughts on “Simple, Responsive and Beautiful Blogger Template

    1. hello cent.. checking your blog on PC, its cool although some links are not properly fixed. But i dont think its mobile responsive.
      Some readers check blog through mobile and that is why popular sites like nairaland and co makes their design mobile-responsive.

  1. @Ebuka. You're making lots of mistakes, one shouldn't just open a blog without having a direction.
    #1. Your blog isn't well defined, i mean what exactly is your blog's topic

    #2. Having done No 1, I would recommend you get the template mentioned on this post as your current template is not cool.

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