How To Show Downloaded Whatsapp Media In Gallery

Have you been wondering why your newly downloaded whatsapp media doesn’t show in gallery? On this article; you’ll get to find out how you can show whatsapp media files in gallery.

Also; you will get to read how you can hide whatsapp media in gallery.

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Whatsapp messenger is an application founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum before being acquired by Facebook. Ever since the acquisition; the micro social network blogging platform had been developing quite awesome features thus making users love it.

As of now; Whatsapp boasts of 1.5 billion in 180 countries thus making whatsapp the most popular messaging platform. [Whatsapp Review and Statistics]. To cut the long story short; here is how to fix it.


How You Can Show Downloaded Whatsapp Media In Gallery

By default Whatsapp images are shown in gallery. However here is what you should do if you discovered that its not showing in gallery.

  1. Launch Your Whatsapp Application (Ensure that your mobile data is turned on]
  2. Click on the toggle icon at the top right
  3. Now Scroll over to the Settings
  4. On the Settings Page, Navigate to Chats >> Media Visbility
  5. Then Tap the green button icon on (to show downloaded media on your gallery)
  6. Check your Phone gallery and you should be able to see newly downloaded media there.

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How To Not Show Whatsapp Media In Gallery

Do you know you can as well hide your newly downloaded whatsapp media from showing buy online in canada in your phone gallery? If you are someone who have lot of downloaded whatsapp media files and do not want it interrupt with your normal phone files; then here’s how to hide whatsapp media in gallery

  1. Open your Whatsapp Application
  2. Go to Settings >> Chats >> Media Visibility.
  3. Now turn off the Green icon
  4. And your whatsapp media will hide on your phone Gallery

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