Best Way to Automatically Share Blogger Posts On Twitter

If you have a twitter account with large followers, you can connect your blogger blog to twitter so that you’d be able to automatically share new blogger posts on twitter.

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While most bloggers had the notion that Facebook is the only social media to get social traffic to your site, @MarcGuberti -an 18 year old entrepreneur website highest source of traffic comes from twitter. This simply means you can also use twitter to generate traffic for your site!

Although there are several ways you can automatically share your blogger posts to twitter, we’d be talking about the 2 best free and fast method right here on NetSocialBlog

1. Blogger Post to Twitter Using Feedburner RSS Feed

Feedburner is a service by Google known to automatically deliver new posts to subscriber’s inbox. However apart from working as an email service, do you know you can also use it to automatically share your new blogger posts to twitter?
To activate this option, simply;

Step 1: login to
Step 2: Add Your Blog Feed [if you’ve not added it before]
Step 3: Click on Publicize
Step 4: At the left section of the dashboard, select the “Socialize” Option and follow the instructions to connect it with your twitter account!

2. Auto post to twitter from blogger Using IFTTT Twitter Recipes

According to Wikipedia definition, IFTTT which means “if this then that” is a free web service you can use to create chains of simple conditional statements called applets. One of this applets known as the “twitter recipes” is what you’re going to use to automaticaly share your new blogger blog posts to twitter.
Below is how to do so;

Step 1: click on the Twitter Recipes
Step 2: And choose Blogger Blog Posts To Twitter!
Step 3: Turn the Applet on
Step 4: Now follow the next instructions on how you want your new blogger post link to appear on twitter!
Once you’ve completed that, you’re now good to go!

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