How To Perform SEO Free Analysis Report of Your Website (Rank Math SEO Analysis)

Would you like to generate SEO Analysis Report for your website so you can know how your website is faring? If yes, you’ll get to learn how to do that using RankMath SEO Free Analysis Report Tool.

perform seo analysis

Search Engine Optimization as important as it is is usually term as a mystery to many and this is not surprising. Your website could be ranking on the first page for years, and suddenly, a misstep or Google update could lead to reducing your website rank in SERP.

What is Search Engine Optimization

However, if you are planning to improvise your website’s SEO, the best place to start from is by looking at your website’s current stand – to see what’s working and what’s not working.
One best way to do this is by performing an SEO Audit or Generate an SEO Analysis Report for your website.

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What is an SEO Analysis Report?

An SEO Analysis report is generated after performing an SEO Audit in order to know what pages on your website are optimized, which ones are not yet (or well-optimized) as well as what to do next.

How To Perform SEO Free Analsis Report for your Website using RankMath SEO Analyzer Tool

RankMath is a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easier for WordPress users to easily optimize their content. It comes pre-installed with several modules which include but not limited to AMP, Instant Indexing, Schema, Local SEO, and more.

RankMath SEO Analyzer Tool allows you to perform an in-depth analysis of your website to see if your pages are optimized and also get actionable data if they are not. To get started and see if your website pages are optimized, click the button below;

Having entered your URL in the provided box, a report of your current website optimized pages will be shown in which you can now use to improvise your website SEO performance.
If you encounter any trouble using the SEO Analyzer tool, feel free to leave a comment or share your alternate SEO Analysis Tool in the comment box below:

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