How To Setup/Use A PayPal Account That Sends and Receive Funds

PayPal is an American company which supports online money transfers more securely and faster. It also serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like cheques and money orders (Wikipedia).

Unfortunately some certain countries are NOT allowed to only use PayPal full funtionality – to send as well as receive Payment. However on this article; you will get to discover how to use a PayPal account that can send as well as receive funds in Nigeria.

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Like i earlier mentioned in the beginning of this article that some countries are not allowed to use the full functionality of PayPal due to one reasons or the other.

While the reason might are solely known to the PayPal founders; the effect of this limitation was really a such big blow most especially for those whose their business revolves on the Internet.

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If you happen to live in a Country whereby PayPal does not grant full access to use; here is how you can use/operate a fully verified and functional PayPal Account

How To Open PayPal Account That Can Send and Receive Funds

Since it’s almost impossible to setup a PayPal Account that can send and receive funds here in Nigeria; there are currently three solutions to this;

1. Partner with Someone From An Acceptable Country To share an Account

This simply means whether you want to send payment from Payment or send Payment from a PayPal account; you just partner with Someone who’s already using the PayPal account.

For instance; if you want to receive a payment of $65. You can ask around for someone who has a PayPal account and online nz convince the person you’ll be giving him/her a token from the amount.

More also; If you want to send payment; you can be paying an additional small amount of money for the person to help you do.

2. Someone should Open a PayPal Account For You and You Operate It Yourself

The second best solution is to let someone open the PayPal account for you, that is; a PayPal account that can send and receive funds while you Operate it on your own. If you’d like this option; then you can send a message here

3. Learn How To Create and Open a PayPal Account By Yourself

And the last more convenient option; you can learn how to create and likewise open a PayPal account that can send and receive funds by yourself. To learn how to do this; you can go download PayPal eBook Guide here.

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