1. Adsense & HTML Code Parser – If you wanted to insert Google adsense ads or any some other ad codes inside your post body, it might not work unless you parse the code. NetSocialBlog HTML code parser tool is fast, free and does not require internet connection to process your parsed code.
You can check the tool here

2. Blogging Traffic E-book – Gaining traffic and more traffic
and more traffic is one of the major issues most bloggers face out
there. And the truth is; Sometimes it might be because you’re doing the
wrong thing at the right moment, or perhaps the right thing at the wrong
With NSB Blogging Traffic E-book, i share some proven methods to increase your blog’s traffic for free without spending a dime!

3. BlueHost – You might have heard several news of Self-Hosted WordPress site being slow and usually down due to the Hosting Provider of the site, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, it is one of those things that makes WordPress seems bad but hey, good news!
Bluehost is a reliable hosting provider which ensure your site is always online and also offer different tools to boost your WordPress site’s growth. More importantly, you get close to 50% off discount when you signup via this link

4. NSB Awesome Blogger Theme v4.9 – The awesome theme is a default theme from Google but i modify it using HTML, CSS, Javascript and co to make the theme rocks well likewise looks cute on mobile. You can learn more about the theme, features, DEMO, and price here.
However if you like the current design of this blog, you contact the admin here

5. NetSocialBlog chat bot – Recently a Facebook messenger chat bot for NetSocialBlog was introduced to make things lots more easier and fun for our readers. With the chatbot, you can easily search for topics you like, checkout latest articles, know how we can help you and more directly from Facebook!

6. Cassiedaves Blog Planner – Being the admin of NetSocialBlog, running some other petty things on the internet, handling social media accounts, finding time to meet my target and co as regards blogging wouldn’t have been lots more easier this year 2017 if not for Cassiedaves Blog Planner.

The creator of this tool [Cassandra Ikegbune] is a lifestyle blogger and built the Blog Planner for bloggers to enable them manage their blog and time effectively!

More resources will be added later..