Tecno Master Reset Code to Restore Phone Factory Settings

Recently a tecno mobile phone which belongs to the t340 family and owned by a relative had an issue which requires formatting but unfortunately the normal method to reset a phone wasn’t applicable to the phone.

This is simply because the mobile phone is refusing the common password (“1234, 12345, 0000 or 00000”) known to be the default for almost all phones.

Then i remember a post on NetSocialBlog about list of useful and popular codes for china phones which clearly stated the default code for china mobiles are quite different to the common ones we knew of.
After finding out the the original default reset codes for china mobile phones, i then tried it with the tecno t340 but STILL PROVE ABORTIVE!

Luckily at the end of the day, i finally found a master reset code which works as at now, for 90% of tecno mini mobile mobile phone (am not sure yet if it works for other china phones). Hence if you have been looking for ways to reset your tecno t340 phone and the like, you can simply follow;


Method #1 (General Method)

How To Reset Tecno t340 Phone

  • Click on Navigation Menu >> Settings >> Restore Factory Settings
  • And then input the default password mentioned on the first paragraph of this post or check default codes here

Method #2 (Simpler Faster Method)

Using Tecno Master Reset Code

If you’re having trouble with Number #1, then you can simply use the Master reset code to online canada reset your factory settings and restore your phone.
All you need to do is dial *#12345# directly from your home screen and send it!


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  1. I restored my keypad Tecno phone not knowing it is going to delete all my contacts that I’ve saved on it, pls can you help me out to get all the lost contacts again?

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