After Buying a Domain Name, Now What? [Getting Your Own Website]

You’ve just registered a domain name and then you begin to wonder what next you can do with the domain name. Right here on this post; we are going to share with you the amazing and powerful stuff you can do with a single domain name!

importance of having a website

Online Presence is one of the easiest and fastest means to create awareness for yourself, products, skills, brand in this current Information Age. Although most people attribute online presence to social media profiles but however a website/blog is also part of it or should i say – the paramount of all.

I Have Bought A Domain Name, Now What?

Registered a domain name and wondering what’s next?
Below are 3 Quick Things You Can Do With It;

    • Connect It To An Existing Blog – You can connect the new domain name to an existing blog on the free blogging platform you’re using – It could be your on Google Blogger Platform or on WordPress Hosted Platform.


    • Build a New Powerful Website or Blog If you do not have an existing blog or website, you can simply use the domain name to setup a powerful website using BLUEHOST or a blog where you can share your views with the world and earn money from blogging.


  • Redirect to another Domain Name – Do you know you can also redirect your new domain name to another Domain name? This term is referred to as Mapping of Domain Name as is usually done based on the  reasons below

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The Importance Of Having A Website

1. Get Seen On The Web – Search engines get to pick up a website more faster because it is dynamic and contain lot more pages thus providing more visibility.

2. Show Visitors What You Can Do – You can also provide a detailed information with pictures, videos and other media files illustrating what you can do.

3. How People Can Contact You – You can setup a “Contact Form”, share your mobile number contact details, email address and co!

4. Checkout your Products/Services – If you have a product, you can also setup a website with an e-commerce whereby people can easily checkout your products, purchase them, make payment and have it delivered to them.

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