How To Reduce Video Size Without Reducing Quality on Android

Do you record a nice video on your phone or PC and would like to upload it online but noticed the video consume a large space? On this article; you’ll get to learn how to reduce video size without reducing Quality of your video 😉

reduce video size without reducing quality


Videos are one of the greatest and most captivating forms of visual which is the combination of both sound and moving images. These pretty combo of audio and image makes Videos to be more awesome for making marketing videos. As it helps grow awareness for your business or improving sales rather than using only images/text.

When you use only a single image for advertising; people might not really understand what it is all about most especially if its a complicated topics. In the case of text; it might sounds boring if its becoming TOO LONG. While Audio can make people hear stuff but they won’t be able to see how it looks like.

However when you use VIDEOS; people are going to far way better understand what you’re trying to pass across simply because you’re telling them in an interactive ways. Interactive in this case means; using all the three media combo and packaging them into one – IMAGES, AUDIO and TEXT.

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    Reducing the video size of your videos helps to save time and thus make it easier for you to upload anywhere. Also; it helps to reduce the file size thus consuming lesser data.

     So if you are a Vlogger who makes money from uploading Youtube Videos; you’ll be able to save time and data when uploading your videos online.

How To Reduce Video Size Without Losing Your Videos Quality

There are several ways that which you can reduce the size of your videos. As a matter of fact – Previously on NetSocialBlog; an article discussed several ways to easily reduce the size of your videos. However some of these methods might be too complicated for a lay-man who’s looking for a simple method.

In order to save you the stress of having to think about technical process; we recommend you use Video Compress App.

About Video Compress App

Video Compress App is an android app that allows you to easily reduce video size without reducing the quality of your video. And the interesting part is – it is pretty easier to use and consume very little space on your phone just the color Notes mobile app

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